Artwork by Lawrence Marie, Inc.

Received the 
2000 Wammie™ Award for
Debut Album of the Year

Produced by Marco Delmar, Carey Colvin, and Granger Helvey
Artwork by Lawrence Marie, Inc.

"Buyers of The Distance Wall will be able to say they knew her before she knocked Faith Hill off the charts." - Dirty Linen Magazine

"Forsaking spiffy studio effects in favor of rootsy rock and real instruments, Colvin fashions an album Lucinda Williams would [be] proud of.  Simply put, she can hit a note without batting an eye, something nine-tenths of the coffee shop set would sell their tambourines for." - Splendid Magazine

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**Little Blind Fish was written by David Crosby and Jeff Pevar and features Peev on guitars and mandolin. 
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